About Enerchoice

The EnerChoice trademark has its origins in British Columbia (BC).  This designation and labelling was developed to identify to consumers which fireplaces are most suitable for supplemental heating solutions.    These thresholds were established as part of a consultation process with Industry, Gas Utilities, Regulators and other stakeholders.

An EnerChoice designation is granted to models that meet the efficiency thresholds that indicate the most efficient models in the market.


EnerChoice Thresholds

Vented Gas Fireplace Inserts -61%
Vented Freestanding Gas Stoves -66%
Zero Clearance Vented Gas Fireplace - 62.4%

Gas logs do not have an EnerGuide rating and do not qualify to bear the EnerChoice label.

If intended for use as a heating appliance, an EnerChoice rated model can save money and energy. The actual savings depends on many factors such as local climate, the cost of fuel, the efficiency of the appliance and the efficiency of the dwelling itself.  

Only the efficiency calculated by the CSA P.4.1 test is considered when determining eligibility to bear the registered EnerChoice trademark.  When looking at fireplace efficiency, make sure you are looking at the FE generated by the CSA P.4.1 test

Are you looking for a model that bears the EnerChoice Trademark

To assist with your purchase we have assembled a shortlist of EnerChoice models and identified Retailers who have asked to be included on this site and Manufacturers who are participants in the EnerGuide for Gas Fireplaces program.

These EnerChoice shortlists have been developed to assist consumers who are looking for a gas fireplace to serve as supplemental heating in addition to being a beautiful focal point of your home.

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When a gas fireplace, stove or insert is endorsed by EnerChoice logo this approval is your assurance that these units are “among the most efficient of gas hearth products available in that category”



All gas fireplaces sold in Canada are required to be listed with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan).  These listings include details about each model, relevant when choosing the right model for you; including efficiency and ignition type.


Frequently Asked Questions

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