If you are interested in purchasing a fireplace that meets the EnerChoice thresholds we have collected a shortlist of models that meet the eligibility.   To make your purchase easier we have gathered enough information to be able make an informed choice.

For your convenience please use our searchable database of EnerChoice rated models

EnerChoice Model Database

Looking for a model that’s not on our lists?On occasion a model with both Natural Gas (NG) and Propane capability will meet the EnerChoice rating for Propane but not for NG.  If seeking a rebate related to FE, please confirm the efficiency for the fuel type required by the rebate provider.

There are a few reasons why your model my not be listed;

This database is a snapshot of models that meet the EnerChoice Criteria.  New models are being added to the available product list every day.  If the item you’re looking for is newer it may not have be registered with NRCan at the time the database was last updated.

Models shipped in Canada must be registered with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) if the model you are looking for was not registered it will not be listed here.

Because EnerChoice, and our efficiency education initiatives are paid for using funds from the EnerGuide Program for Gas Fireplaces,  only companies that participate in this program are included in these lists

Looking for efficiency info on a particular model or one that is not on our lists?

To determine if a model is registered with NRCan or to look up the efficiency of a particular model, please visit the Natural Resources (NRCan) gas fireplace database.


Looking to Buy

Looking to Buy

When choosing a fireplace to suit your home and your needs, there are several factors to consider.  Questions such as how and when you plan to use your fireplace will ensure you find the right model for your home.  We’ve assembled some tools and information to assist you with your selection.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about gas fireplaces? Visit our FAQ section and learn from our most frequently asked questions. 

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